About Us

We’re an online speciality pet store featuring a wide range of cat products and rabbit products

We have a great range of goodies for your furry friends, including cat collars, catnip, catnip toys, cat toys, cat shampoo, cat litter de-odourisers, cat grass, cat boxes, cat & rabbit litter trays, rabbit treats, rabbit toys and more!

We’re based in Fitzroy, Melbourne and ship once a week Australia-wide.



My official name is Oreo. I am also known by many nicknames. Despite that, I tend to choose when I’d like to respond to my name or any of those nicknames.

Like many other cats, I rule the household, simply by looking cute and dainty. Just a slight tilt of my head with wide-eyes gets me treats – I don’t even have to purr-suade anyone.

I instructed my butler and maid to set up this online cat supplies shop to cater to the fussiest of felines. When they are not cleaning my litter tray, serving my meals or fluffing out my bed and laying it purrfectly to my liking, they are busy sourcing for the best kitty toys, collars and other cat products to add to the store.

Feel free to send my butler and maid an email if you would like to see any specific products in our store. I am pawsitive that they will look into every request.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see photos of yours truly and my butler and maid’s foster cats testing our products.  

Signing off with contented purrs & head butts, 

Orie The Pet Shoppe Cat + online cat supplies tester
Pumpkin The Pet Shoppe Rabbit + online bunny store tester


Hay there!

My name is Pumpkin. I am an 8-year old mini lop rabbit with Japanese Harlequin markings and a smooth cashmere coat.

I am a dearly loved and cherished indoor bunny, where I am furtunate have my own luxury pen furnished with custom-made bunny towers, my favourite timber tunnel and heaps of bunny toys.

I used to have a hus-bun before he passed away in October 2020. Sometimes I miss him but most of the time, I am alright as I get plenty of love and cuddles from my hoomins, who treat treat me like royalty. I know fur sure, as they often call me ‘Princessy Pumpkie’.

I have pawsonally tested many rabbit toys before they are available on our store. I am hop-tmistic that you’ll like our selection. 

When you have the hop-portunity, I’d be happy to receive your Facebook reviews, although this is completely hoptional.

Hopping off now for some hare-obics,