Lavender for Rabbits (60 g)

60 g dried organic lavender.

Mix it in with your rabbit or guinea pig’s hay for foraging fun!

Lavender is safe for rabbits to eat. Sprinkle a pinch to your bunny’s hay tray allowing for foraging fun. Lavender can act as a relaxing agent, helping your bunny to calm down and chill out. Lavender has vitamin A, calcium, iron, as well as many vital phytochemicals and anti-oxidants including limonene, which supports secretion of digestive enzymes in the liver and may help in carcinogen detoxification.

Caution: Feed all treats to your pet rabbit or guinea pig sparingly.

Multiple packs of dried organic lavender may also be purchased within our ‘Dried Fruit & Hay Topper Bundle’ to save on shipping costs.


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